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Top 20 PropTech Companies - 2021

With the advent of technology, the real estate industry has been evolving in ways that were previously unimaginable. The integration of leadingedge technologies has been paving a path for digital transformation in the industry, and today it has reached new heights. PropTech is indeed booming, and it is here to disrupt the real estate industry by changing the way individuals do business, from transforming the buying and selling processes to freeing up time and resources for agents to focus on more pressing issues.

Notably, one of the PropTech trends that have assumed significance is the increased use of e-signing and online property agreements. With many real estate and property deals being closed on video calls nowadays (without face-to-face meetings happening), electronic signatures and digital agreements are becoming mainstream. Adding to it is the rise of a number of tech platforms or cloud-based software that allow people to digitally sign a real estate lease, rent, or buying agreement, and contract as well as share the documents with the persons concerned. Similarly, artificial intelligence (AI) is also enhancing the real estate industry, particularly the way in which agents communicate with clients. AI can go through vast volumes of data, learn about the clients, and provide critical information on relevant properties. It also automates various processes, saving time and resources and allowing agents to better their relationships with their clients.

Additionally, mobile platforms have also been offering several advantages to potential renters by enabling them to locate the house or property and put in touch with the real estate agent in facilitating the deal. It also provides databases that are frequently updated, providing more timely information on new properties put on the market and those that are no longer available.

Keeping such drastic transitions in mind, many PropTech companies are entering the domain with advanced and integrated offerings. To help organizations navigate through the best-of-breed solutions, PropTech Outlook has compiled a list of the top 20 PropTech companies. The list comprises prominent organizations in the industry that address issues pertinent to the real estate sector by implementing current trends. Besides, the magazine also includes insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you PropTech Outlook’s, “Top 20 PropTech Companies – 2021.”

    Top PropTech Companies

  • Enter Building Safety Solutions, Inc. (BSS) is a California-based leading provider of technologically advanced systems for emergency preparedness, disaster planning, business continuity, and incident response. The company specializes in helping clients “protect the life of their business” with its robust cloud- and mobile-based applications. BSS Guardian is a secured, cloud-based, custom emergency preparedness and incident response system designed to provide life-saving information 24/7 to building occupants. By creating modules for fire, active shooter, COVID-19, medical, terrorist, and other incidents and making emergency preparedness strategies, evacuation routes, floor plans, readily available, it helps save lives during emergencies.

  • Convex is at the forefront of helping commercial service businesses increase their revenues through data-driven go-to-market strategies and improved prospect discovery and qualification techniques.

  • Property Management startup that helps landlords, property managers, and real estate investors manage and grow their rental portfolios with ease through the power of automation

  • California-based Green Doors is easing the ultra-busy life of property managers by better streamlining their tasks and taking many of their daily to-dos off of their plate. With its cutting-edge property management platform, the company helps them manage an entire portfolio of properties through a single tool. Whena resident faces an issue, they get immediate help from this digital assistant. It guides them through any quick fixes and, if needed, creates a maintenance request in the system. The property manager schedules the repair with their preferred vendor with one click. The platform takes almost the entire flow of maintenance coordination offthe property managersplate

  • HomeLight is building the future of real estate today. Our vision is a world where every real estate transaction is simple, certain, and satisfying for all.

  • AppFolio


    AppFolio provides innovative software, services, and data analytics for the real estate industry to digitally transform their businesses, address critical business operations, and enable exceptional customer service

  • Building Engines, Inc.

    Building Engines, Inc.

    Founded in 2000, Building Engines, a JLL company, delivers the best occupant experience and reduce operating costs with Prism – the industry’s most innovative and powerful building operations platform

  • Buildium


    Buildium is a property management solution that helps real estate professionals wins new business from property owners and community associations seeking services. Buildium enables their clients to outperform across all facets of business with intuitive software that balances power, simplicity, and ease of use

  • CoreLogic


    MyRental™ offers tenant screening solutions to landlords, real estate agents, and property managers so that they can identify top quality applicants

  • CoStar Group

    CoStar Group

    As the largest commercial real estate information and analytics provider, CoStar take pride in empowering industry professionals with the most compressive data to make decisions with confidence.

  • Enertiv


    Enertiv is a connected SaaS platform that brings together modern software tools to digitize operations and provide real-time visibility into the performance of critical infrastructure for commercial real estate portfolios.

  • Global Data Management Systems

    Global Data Management Systems

    Global DMS is a leading provider of compliant residential and commercial appraisal management software solutions that ensures compliance adherence, reduces costs, increases efficiencies and expedites the entire real estate appraisal.

  • Greystar Worldwide

    Greystar Worldwide

    Greystar provides world-class service in the residential rental housing industry. The company’s innovative vertically integrated business model integrates the management, development and investment disciplines of the rental housing industry on international, regional and local levels

  • Honeywell


    Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures technologies to address tough challenges linked to global macrotrends such as safety, security, and energy

  • Juniper Square

    Juniper Square

    Juniper Square is transforming private equity with innovative software and solutions that deliver a more modern, efficient and effective approach to managing private partnerships

  • OwnerRez


    OwnerRez is a comprehensive booking management engine, built to provide modern fast websites, guest checkout with e-sign renter agreements and can process payments directly, including auto-scheduled future payments

  • RealPage


    RealPage is a leading global provider of software and data analytics to the real estate industry. Clients use the company’s platform to improve operating performance and increase capital returns

  • SmartRent


    SmartRent is bringing smart home automation to property managers and renters. The company’s platform enables managers/ renters to control all of the smart devices in their properties

  • TheGuarantors


    TheGuarantors is a FinTech company dedicated to creating winning opportunities for the real estate ecosystem. This includes everyone from the full range of residential and commercial real estate professionals to residents and corporate tenants

  • Vert Energy Group

    Vert Energy Group

    VertPro® is a one-stop shop SaaS platform for building owners & managers to comply with every energy benchmark law across the United States, in 30 minutes or less