The Rise of the Machine - Impacts and Application of AI in Real Estate

Top 10 Proptech Solution Companies - 2020

The real estate industry is invariably a successful & profitable industry. With the emergence of technology, the real estate industry has evolved in a way that it was noticed no time before. The industry steadily habituated to the progressing technologies and experienced a digital transformation.

Booming technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality are substantially changing the real estate industry. It lessens the time, efforts, cost & energy involved in actually touring the property. A prospective buyer, miles away from the real property, can visually discover what it looks like in an absolutely immersive experience. Right from technologies like property viewing, brochures, augmented hoardings, walkthrough, to 360-degree view, all the technology truly offers beauty as well as clarity in marketing and selling. Similarly, IoT has a massive range of applications like predictive maintenance, enhanced energy, faster decision making, and thereby can boost up the PropTech industry also the everyday life of the individuals. As all industries put to use the potential of extensive data, though of varying technical and statistical intricacy, for making informed decisions. Real estate is no exception to it, and big data is one of the highly in demand technologies in the PropTech sector too. Although the real estate industry is slowly adapting to the changing technologies, they believed in AI and machine learning thoroughly as they help in processing the collected data to be more actionable. Also, the utilization of drones in the PropTech industry would be appending another feather to the cap of real estate. It will also depict a property's multi-perspective sight with easy aerial photography, which is budget-friendly.

Keeping such drastic transitions in mind, we have compiled this edition of ProprTech Outlook order to assist organizations in the task of finding accomplished solution providers to help them navigate the PropTech realm. With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up their sleeves, these organizations are continually proving its mettle in the field of PropTech. We hope this issue of PropTech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to foster a technologically-driven solution.

We present to you PropTech Outlook's "Top 10 PropTech Solution Providers 2020."

    Top Proptech Solution Companies

  • OwnerRez delivers fast and simple booking services that help homeowners and property managers efficiently manage their vacation rentals. With a simple and intuitive design, that keeps in mind the evolving functionalities, OwnerRez offers a dashboard that functions in the fastest possible manner and handles accounts for different properties under the same roof efficiently. The company’s proprietary platform offers managers and homeowners complete flexibility in designing the cost structure of their rental offering without worrying about paying for third-party or white-labeled features. OwnerRez also supports a variety of dynamic pricing engines like PriceLabs, PerfectPrice, and Beyond Pricing and can vary virtual rules such as blocking dates, forced gaps, and the minimum nights

  • Cloud-based solution stores data in the cloud, giving the user access to their properties remotely

  • BMBY Group

    BMBY Group

    bmby software systems develop and implement innovative marketing and sales systems designed for the real estate market all over the world. The real estate software includes: a web based software, adjustable to any market, language, a built-in real estate CRM, a real estate marketing module, management reports, and more. bmby´s systems provides sophisticated solutions that significantly improve the business results and the cash flow of real estate projects, the efficiency of managing the processes of marketing and sales and allows for full process transparency

  • CREModels


    CREModels’ full-service real estate due diligence services are tailored for busy acquisitions teams in high-growth environments where resources are continually stressed. It reviews 3rd-party reports and prepare comprehensive market and scenario analyses which stress test client investment assumptions against industry standards. It can abstract leases, loans, partnership agreements, purchase contracts, and more. All abstraction projects include access to innovative technology tools that keep clients updated on critical dates and produce comprehensive reports. It also provides both on-site and off-site review of books & records, expertly summarizing findings including any abnormalities or mis-coded transactions

  • Flex


    Flex is a consumer fintech startup focused on the 50 percent of Americans who don't have savings. Flex enables users to pay bills on a schedule that works better for them. Flex's first product, Flexible Rent, lets renters split their rent into smaller payments that can be paid throughout the month and matched with their pay schedule. Flex helps users avoid late rent fees and overdrafts, budget better and have more available cash

  • Juniper Square

    Juniper Square

    Juniper Square is a dedicated real estate investment management provider that follows SOC-2 compliance. The platform has been built from the ground up for real estate, with support for all product types and investment strategies, so it just works for businesses, out of the box. Juniper Square is powerful enough to handle the complexity of investment management, while being so easy to use that it’s a downright pleasant experience

  • Leaseable


    Leaseable brings massive amounts of business and tenant information together to empower CRE building owners with real-time data and insights that invite action. By extracting BI-ready data directly from its sources and making it available in easily digestible formats, Leaseable gives building owners and investors a competitive advantage with a unique opportunity to mitigate risk, reveal business opportunities and elevate decision-making across individual assets, markets and entire portfolios

  • Premise HQ

    Premise  HQ

    Premise SaaS is a true cloud based micro-services platform that enables users to deliver better experience to customers easily, improve their day-to-day activities and help them operate efficiently. Their true cloud apps and ability to link multiple different 3rd party applications streamline the entire workflow. The platform’s rapid application development (RAD) and micro-services platform with form and workflow engines were developed with real-estate specific needs of leasing, property management, building operations, acquisitions and development in mind

  • Rethink


    Rethink is powered by the idea that commercial real estate is the catalyst of opportunity and economic growth. The Rethink solution combines the leading commercial real estate CRM with hands-on customer success and seamless integrations to industry leading tools. This gives CRE professionals unparalleled insights and competitive advantages in their markets. The Rethink vision is to be the future of CRE dealmaking

  • SmartRent


    SmartRent is an enterprise smart home automation company developing software and hardware that empowers property owners, managers and homebuilders to effectively manage, protect and automate daily operational processes. SmartRent’s solution is designed to provide property managers seamless visibility and control over all their communities assets while delivering additional revenue opportunities through all-in-one home control apps for residents. Their smart home products and solutions were conceptualized, innovated and built by former multifamily operators to maximize efficiency, increase convenience, oversee asset protection and more, all from one dashboard